Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The wedding day is Getting close

Some of you know I am soon to wed. I am excited as well as scared. After all Im 57 years old... and have been alone for the past oh I think 22 years raising my kids and working.
Getting married was the last thing on my mind. I prayed that God might see fit to find someone to hang with. Some one who wasn't too sporty or macho...( that was my nice way of putting it.) Someone who was a gentle soul and kind hearted. Some one whom was a computer nut and would understand my love for the computer and crafts. oh and some one who i really knew loved me ... which was something i had never known before. Someone to sit on the porch and rock in the evenings with.

Then i would say "Amen" and get on with my day.
Well guess what girls....I got him! Ross is exactly what i wanted.
We have known each other for going on two years now. and our wedding date is September 14 and 15... I know sounds strange huh? But yep we are getting married two times once in my church and once in the apt recroom for our jewish family and friends.

well I have been totally nuts trying to get things done on a $500 budget whew....quite a job.
Just wanted to check in and say im still here just very busy right now. so come back and check on me ok. bye