Monday, June 25, 2007

Im excited.

Just got a spot in the local mall here and am now in the process of creating paper scrapbooks and cardsand my tiny boxes to put in the store. The store is called Crafters Boutique and is across from PayLess shoes at Northtown.
It's hard keeping up with all that is going on. I'm a digital crafter and a paper crafter. I love them both. I am looking for ideas on what to make next for my tiny boxes.

SO.... I'm holding a contest...
Let me know what kind of item you would like to see made into one of my Tiny Boxes. If we choose your item you will win a free box-and it will be named afteryou.
Just email me at and be sure to put" tiny box contest" in the subject title.

We will choose the winner by august 15,2007 so send in the suggestions. I will announce the winner here so be sure to check back.