Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So Naomi This is for you.

Hi Everyone, I have been busy. I am working hard to get my computer cleaned off.due to those dredded problems we all have every so often, Hopefully they will be resolves soon like really fast... hahahaha... Like right.
Any way. I hope you are enjoying my part of the blog train. I will be putting another up shortly. Ahh Scraps is doing one this weekend. So get your clicking finger ready.

Now Naomi since you asked me if i could or would put the wedding vedio up on YouTube. Here it is. a year late. But welcome to the wedding. They are both on this vedio so it's long and you will probably not get to the end. But you can skip around and see what you want. I think they were both great. I am so happy I had a real wedding no matter how small it was.

Welcome to our wedding.

Sorry to the rest of you. please know you do not have to look.... lol just enjoy the blog and scrappin Train. However is you would like to join us You are welcome to.

I see it isnt processed yet so we will have to wait .. It could be that it is too big.