Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am still around!

Wow the time has gone by so fast. I apologise about not blogging since Nov. I have been working with clay ... polymer clay. Learning the sculpting techniques has been great ... I have also been having a difficult time ... My sister has/had breast cancer and she went through deveral surgeries and kemo, The other day we celebrated because the docs said she was cancer free, leaving only the radiation to follow-up and and now they were having her do like 6 more weeks of kemo. Which I don't understand if she is cancer free. I have had bad dreams and good dreams about this.
I just know ... I don't care if i am 59 I am not ready to loose my older sister. I am scared to death. So digital scrapping has not been high on my list to dos.
I discovered I have also lost my files with all my descriptions for kits etc. I have made the past 3 years. Sooo it's back to the computer to recreate them... I am not so good at the word thing. I haven't even put more up in the stores I was supposed to be selling at.
I have some pretty bad depression going on, and am also having to adjust my medication. Guess a lot has been happening. Not all bad we got a new puppy to train as my service dog. Her name is Bella, Cleo whom has been by my side for the past 13 years and has been deaf for a couple of years ... and just can't be a service dog any more. I will just love her till she is gone. I was so afraid of loosing her we decided to get a new puppy now. That way I won't be alone with out a dog.Hopefully it will lessen the loss. I love Cleo so much. She has been my best-friend for years. here is a picture of her
Well... I promise I will do better. Please take a few minutes to check out my polymer clay blog site. HERE. Oh shoot now i cant remember the link... let me find it again. oh crud.


A "cheery" disposition said...

o, how neat to be working with clay.

k-joi studios said...

i am happy to hear that you got a bit of good news about your sister. it's still a scary thing. i hope that you find something to help with your depression, you've been through a lot.

Anonymous said...

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shubhangi said...

Puppy is so sweet.looks AWESOME!

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David Haas said...

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